Pej Mahdavi


Pej Mahdavi is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker that resides in Gwinnett County. Pej’s brings a wealth of counseling, mental health treatment and care management experiences. He is well known for his work with individuals with severe mental illness, individuals in crisis, and work with law enforcement. He worked with several Metro Atlanta area Law Enforcement agencies to created mental health and police co-responder programs to help individuals in mental health crisis. He assists clients with managing an array of concerns including mood disorders, managing life stresses, identifying and correcting negative behavioral concerns, and trauma. In addition, Pej has significant experience counseling youth on life choices, relationships, challenges of peer pressure, and drugs. Pej practices a person-centered approach to treatment and takes into consideration all aspects of an individual’s physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental health in the interest of properly identifying a diagnosis and providing appropriate level of care.

Pej obtained his undergraduate degree from Cal State Northridge. After this, Pej investigated child abuse for ten years until he attended the University of Southern California and obtained his Master of Social Work degree. Pej concentrated his studies on severe mental illness and system of care and recovery. Pej graduated as a Dean’s Scholar and with one of the highest GPA’s in his cohort. Since obtaining his MSW degree and becoming fully licensed, Pej has work with youth in the juvenile justice system, state mental health facilities, community mental health settings, and will all age ranges.

Pej believes in an eclectic and personalized approach to treatment. Although, he is trained and well versed in several treatment modalities, such as cognitive behavioral therapy, Pej is open to exploring non-traditional methods to help clients achieve their treatment goals. Pej welcomes and enjoys working with people of all cultures, races, classes, and religions.

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