Michael Johnson


Vice President, COO, and Certified Aging Life Care Manager and National Certified Guardian

Michael has over fifteen years working as a medical social worker. He spent many of those years working as a hospice social worker, in which he supervised and directed teams of social workers. During that time he honed his skills in helping families understand complex medical issues, confusing government benefits, and the emotional challenges of caring for a loved one with various medical needs.
As a licensed clinical social worker Michael has extensive understanding of mental health diagnosis and their treatments. Additionally, Michael takes a holistic approach to helping his clients and their loved ones. He has also helped people achieve a renewed sense of peace in facing their healthcare needs through the use of his training in clinical hypnotherapy. He has developed several audio tracks for stress relief and pain reduction.

“The best part of this work is when my client and their loved ones get a sense of peace and reassurance knowing that someone is in their corner to provide expertise, compassion, and advocacy.”

Michael had the opportunity to talk about his work on the December 2015 episode of the radio talk show Senior Salute. It was hosted by Elder Law Attorney Victoria Collier, CELA. Click here to hear what they had to say.

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