Amanda Brown

Care Manager

Amanda is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 11 years of professional experience in a variety of clinical settings including hospice social work, child advocacy, behavioral and mental health, Probate Court and private practice. She has worked alongside various medical professionals, including Medical Directors, Psychiatrists, Specialists and Nurses to ensure continuity and quality of care for her clients.

Amanda has worked with a number of individuals over the years helping each client to realize their potential by working through emotional, mental and psychosocial complexities. She “meets clients where they are” with empathy and encouragement.

Amanda specializes in a broad spectrum of mental health issues including Neurodevelopmental and Neurocognitive disorders, anxiety and depressive disorders and Schizophrenia spectrum disorders. She has spent many years, side-by-side with clients, processing complicated grief issues. She has a passion for educating others on complex emotional and mental health issues so that they have a better understanding of themselves as well as those around them. She focuses on learning about her clients’ pasts as well as their current struggles so that she can help to guide them to a place of self-awareness and peace.

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