Guiding Families through Senior Care Decisions

How do you manage your parents' many doctors visits? Is it time to choose an assisted living center? Are you overwhelmed by the maze and challenges of elder health care, living arrangements, daily affairs and daily money management?

Metta Johnson, Nurse Consultant and Certified Care Manager, works with you and your health care providers to ensure you or your loved one receives the best possible care. With over 20 years experience as a Nurse Consultant and Certified Care Manager serving clients with serious, chronic and terminal illnesses, Metta and her team of Certified Care Managers, RNs and Social Workers understands your needs.

Metta Johnson & Associates provide solutions, allowing your family the security of knowing there is one single provider with a comprehensive view of your loved one's health care and daily living needs. Offering a variety of services that bring the pieces of the puzzle together, Metta's Certified Care Managers help you and your family navigate the health care maze, determining resources and viable options to address the full range of needs for you or your loved one.
Our team of Certified Care Manager RNs and Social Workers
helps you and your elderly loved ones with...
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Medical Evaluation
  • Patient Advocacy
  • Coordination and Management of Care
  • Medication Oversight
  • Living Arrangements: Evaluations and Recommendations
  • Legal and Financial Resources
  • Supervision of Care in Care Setting
  • Daily Money Management
  • Household Supervision
  • Education on Care Options
  • Emotional Support: Patients and Families
At Metta Johnson & Associates, our goal is to help our clients achieve the best quality of life possible. We understand that one solution does not fit every situation -  we take the time to listen and learn about each client's needs and preferences. This enables us to tailor a care program that maximizes the client's independence and dignity.

Understandably, most seniors prefer to stay in the familiar comfort of their own homes. This is more doable than you may think. That's why Metta Johnson and Associates is a member of the National Aging in Place Council.  We can arrange for medical and non-medical visits from registered nurses, physical therapists, social workers and home care aides.Whether you need short-term recovery assistance or long-term care, please call us. Other resources you may find helpful are: